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Mailing services for Event Management Companies

When organising any event, your contact with the visitors is critical to success. We will ensure that this is managed professionally and efficiently, from the start to the end of the process.

Typical Solutions

Before the Event

AMS will work out the best method for mailing potential visitors (if you are seeking attendees) or invited guests. Is speed of the essence, to maximise ticket sales? Or can you wait a little and take advantage of cheaper mailing options? Maybe you need to buy one or more mailing lists, in which case we can advise and we can clean the databases.

What are you going to send? The marketing literature needs to be attractive and appropriate to the recipient. AMS will manage your print requirements to make sure that you have a high-quality, cost-effective package: and we will personalise the data as needed to provide an individual invitation that can maximise your impact and your results.

Examples might include -

  • a high-end mailing of house buyers for a new development:
  • a music festival:
  • or a circular to particular types of job holder about your trade exhibition.

Handling Responses

Having received the invitations, we can relieve you of the burden of handling the responses.

Whether by email, post, SMS, fax or telephone, we have the resources to deal with your traffic professionally, using dedicated numbers and addresses that we set up for you. For more information about our Response Handling services, see here.

Sending the Invitations/Tickets

And when each response has been received and qualified, we will send out the visitor pack. In some cases this will be possible via email: in others where there is a value to the ticket and you need to ensure security and traceability, we put in place safeguards via specific signed-for or certified mailing routes.

In the case of exhibitions, there is an important need to assemble and mail the exhibitor packs including the right number of passes, the setup instructions, directions, etc.

In the Event

On the day(s), there is likely to be a need for visitor bags to hand out to attendees, including promotional samples, literature and other goodies: AMS will print items as needed, receive other items, and fulfil these packs for you; and deliver them to the site. We can build in secure transmission for high-value ‘goody bags’.

After the Event

Arriving attendees may have their data captured via card readers or form completion.   We can receive and analyse the data for you, providing reports and arranging follow-up mailings by post or email as appropriate.

For repeated events, the ability to construct new databases of visitor details is essential.

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